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EarthWorks Excavation Takeoff Software

EarthWorks is easy to use and
affordable excavation takeoff software.
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Why EarthWorks Excavation Takeoff Software?

Faster takeoffs

Whether you are bidding from PDFs, TIFFs, ACAD files or blueprints, EarthWorks excavation takeoff software gets you from START to FINISHED faster than fast!

Quicker To Get Started

Online training classes, built-in how-to videos, easy to follow tutorials…we have everything you’ll need to get trained up quickly.

Easier To Use

EarthWorks has been designed from the ground up to be the simplest excavation takeoff software in the business.

Great support

Expert support is just a phone call away!

Flexible licensing

Share your licenses around the office or around the world. We support USB key licenses, network licenses and cloud based licensing.

Most Affordable

Starting at just US$4000, EarthWorks can be purchased outright or on a 4 or 12 month payment plan. Cloud and network licensing are available too!

Picture of a PDF

Start with a PDF or TIFF file

EarthWorks can work with both PDFs and TIFF files.
Loading the PDF in EarthWorks

Load it

EarthWorks can even read in all the linework from vector PDFs.
Entering existing elevations in EarthWorks

Enter your existing

Enter your existing contours, point-to-point lines, spot elevation, borings…
Entering proposed elevations in EarthWorks

Enter your proposed

Enter your proposed contours, point-to-point lines, spot elevation, building pads…
Calculating your job in EarthWorks

Calculate it

Your job calculates in seconds…
Viewing the job totals in EarthWorks

View your totals

and shows your excavation totals, strata cut, paving and pad materials, piping, overexcavation and a whole lot more!
EarthWorks cut and fill view

View your cut and fill

See exactly where your cuts and fills are.
Viewing cross-sections in EarthWorks

View your cross-sections

Display your site cross-sectioned between any two points.
Viewing 3D in EarthWorks

View your site in 3D

See your site in 3D. Any surface. Any angle. Any distance.

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What Our Customers Are Saying…

Trakware’s EarthWorks is a huge asset to our company. It saves us hours of takeoff time, calculating quantities and organizing reports.

Mark Masse

Estimator, Masse Excavation

Can’t believe that I used to take this stuff off by hand.  I get so much more work done now with EarthWorks.
John Cohen

Owner operator, Clayburn Excavation

EarthWorks been the most user-friendly software I have used. It does what I need it to do without being needlessly complicated.
Cristal Erickson

Estimator, Keith Kap and Sons


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