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Faster takeoffs

Whether you are bidding from PDFs, TIFFs, ACAD files or blueprints, EarthWorks excavation takeoff software gets you from START to FINISHED fast!

Quicker To Get Started

Online training classes, built-in how-to videos, easy to follow tutorials…we have everything you’ll need to get trained up quickly..

Easier To Use

EarthWorks has been designed from the ground up to be the simplest cut and fill software in the business.

Great support

Expert support is just a phone call away!

Flexible licensing

Share your licenses around the office or around the world.

Most Affordable

Starting at just US$3997, EarthWorks can be purchased outright or on a 4 or 12 month payment plan. Network licensing is available too!

What Other EarthWorks Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“We have been using Earthworks for 7 years and it has been a major asset to our business. It allows us to prepare an accurate estimate in a minimal amount of time. ”

Christine Wargo

Owner, K & W Construction

“The ease of use and results were the main factor in considering an earthwork program and when we looked into Earthworks we didn’t need to look any further, we love Earthworks. The technical assistance we’ve experienced is 2nd to none, this was a very pleasant surprise, it is really nice to be able to call a company and speak to a person and not a voice mail box, all the problems we’ve encountered were taken care of with ease. Thanks Trakware ”


Owner/Estimator, Diamond D General Engineering

“Easy to get running with this program.  I used to use a much more expensive product at my last company but it was too complicated to use.  I like EarthWorks simplicity. I also like it when the lady talks so I dont have to look at the screen. I wish more software was like this ”

John Phillips

Project Manager, RC Phillips Construction

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the EarthWorks software?

EarthWorks OnScreen is $4000. If you want to also use a digitizer, import AutoCAD 2000DWG files or use network licensing, add $500 for each.


Q: What’s required to run EarthWorks OnScreen?

EarthWorks OnScreen will run on any Windows computer running Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP.

Q: Can we try the software?

Yes! The trial is free. Just attend our 1 hour one-on-one training program to learn how easy EarthWorks OnScreen is to use and the trainer will help you get your trial set up. Use the form above or call us at (888) 790-6298 x 202.

Q: How long is the learning process?

Once you attend our 1 hour one-on-one training class and do a practice takeoff with our tutorial drawing, you’ll be ready to start your first takeoff the same day. We also have 6 1/2 hours of training videos built right in to EarthWorks. And you are also free to call if you have any questions.

Q: Do you have a 3D View?

Yes, we do. You can view your site in 3D from any angle and distance.

Q: Can we do a payment plan?

Yes, we have 4 month no-interest payment plans starting at $1000 and 12 month plans starting at $367.

Q: How many people can use the program?

Once you purchase EarthWorks in full, you can install EarthWorks on as many computers as you want. Then you just move your USB license between computers as needed. If you own the network version of EarthWorks, you can have as many simultaneous users as the number of licenses you’ve purchased.

Q: Do you have that auto-trace thing where you don’t have to trace stuff?

Yes and it’s called Vector takeoff. For any PDF saved directly from AutoCAD, we can import all your linework directly. That means to can complete a takeoff with no or little tracing.
If you have a scanned drawing, we have TurboFit that will help you trace your work faster.

Q: Can you export information?

If you purchase the AutoCAD Element, we can export all your Proposed elevations in an AutoCAD DXF file. You can then import that DXF file into any other program.
You can also export your excavation totals to Excel.

Q: Do you guys do takeoffs?

We have a service called Takeoff Army that will enter all your drawing’s elevations, building pads, parking lots and such. All that you’ll have to do is put in the drawing’s Subgrades, Perimeter and Topsoil areas. That means we do 90% of the takeoff for you. If you’d like someone to do complete takeoffs for you, we have several independent estimators we can recommend to you.

Q: How long have we been in business? Are we going anywhere?

We started Trakware in 1992 and introduced EarthWorks at the ConExpo in Las Vegas in February of that year. Our approach of writing simple to use and affordable software has been successful from the start and we look forward to serving the construction industry for decades to come.


Q: Can we get free training?

We start you off with an hour of one-on-one training so that you understand the basics of the software. We are also available via phone and email during your trial and after your purchase to answer any of your questions. You are also free to send us any of your drawings if you have specific questions about them. We can then make a video of our answer. Don’t worry. We’ll be there for you.

Q: Do you do trenching?

Yes. You can enter any number of multi-leg, multi pipe trenches.

Q: What are the minimum hardware requirements?

RAM requirements for EarthWorks OnScreen are:  WinXP – 512MB, Windows Vista – 1MB, Windows 7, 8 and 10 – 2MB. Disk requirements are 1.2GB of free space.

Q: Can I run EarthWorks OnScreen on my Mac?

Yes, but you need to install Parallels and a copy of Windows 7, 8 or 10. This allows you to install run any Windows software on your computer for less than $175.

Q: Why do I have to have one-on-one training before I start my trial?

Spending an hour in one-on-one training means you’ll spend far less time getting up to speed on the software yourself. Plus it’s our way of introducing you to our excellent support staff.

Q: What if I don’t want EarthWorks after the trial?

This is a no-obligation, no-risk trial. If you don’t like it, then do NOTHING.

Q: What if I already have excavation software installed. Will downloading your trial mess it up?

Nope. Your current software will work as it always has.

Q: Can I install EarthWorks OnScreen on more than one computer?

For the trial, you can install EarthWorks OnScreen on one computer. After you purchase EarthWorks OnScreen in full, you can install EarthWorks OnScreen on any number of computers and move the USB license between them.

Q: Is there a network version of EarthWorks OnScreen?

Yes! For an additional $500, you can upgrade your EarthWorks OnScreen license to a server edition. This will allow you to access your EarthWorks OnScreen license(s) from any computer on your network. The number of simultaneous users is set by the number of licenses you purchase.

Q: Can I use a digitizer with EarthWorks OnScreen?

Yes! For an additional $500, you can add the ability to interface with a digitizer. The digitizer must support a Wintab driver such at TabletWorks from GTCO. This function will be available during your trial so feel free to give it a try.

Q: Can I import AutoCAD files with EarthWorks OnScreen?

Yes! For an additional $500, you can add the ability to import AutoCAD 2000DWG or DXF files into EarthWorks. This function will be available during your trial so feel free to give it a try.

Q: How much is annual support for EarthWorks?

Phone support and upgrades for the EarthWorks Excavation Takeoff Software are free for the first year. After the first year, annual support is $300 for standalone version and $500 for the network version.

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